Here's what Chinese smog does to a high-speed train

Chinese social media has been blowing up this year with images of high speed trains that have passed through heavy smog on their routes. Here's the same train when it's clean:


China's national observatory today renewed alerts for air pollution and fog across the country as the gleaming white bullet trains turned dark brown while travelling in pollution-hit areas, major expressways closed and over flights getting cancelled. Photos of the trains with brown stains went viral and even flashed in the official media websites as thick smog shrouded Beijing and 71 cities for the past five days.

China's Bullet Trains Turn Brown As Smog Crisis Intensifies

Notable Replies

  1. Kimmo says:

    Easy solution: paint the trains brown.

  2. I kind of like the antique patina, it adds charm. Just the kind of positive side-effect we can expect with the New Improved EPA!

  3. Model railroader's first thought: "Nice weathering!!"

  4. So does the guy standing next to the white train.

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