Anti-Trump activists call a national general strike for Feb 17: buy nothing, protest everywhere

The nonvoilent, nationwide National General Strike has been called for one week from tomorrow, with rallies up and down the country. The strikers have two demands for elected lawmakers: 1. Reaffirm your oath of office and unbounded compliance with the Constitution of the United States of America; and 2. Actively oppose any governmental language or action that violates any tenent of our Constitution.

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  1. So you Liberals and other Leftists will all walk out on the jobs you don't have, won't spend all that "free" money Obamacare just gives you, and will walk around getting in the way of us Normal Americans? Isn't that every day?

    And since when did you people pretend to care about the Constitution? Where were your protests when Obama Hussein Obama was signing all those those unConstitutional Executive Orders or trying to enact popular, mild and ineffective Gun legislation?

    Pretending to care about the Constitution is our thing!

  2. I hate these don't-spend-any-money-on-this day-style protests, you're not spending any less money, all you're doing is offsetting the day you spend that money.

  3. I can't tell if you're being serious or not.

  4. The problems with this, and there are problems, are numerous. It's not a strike. It's effectively a one day walk-out. A real general strike is prepared for well in advance. I'm down for a general strike, but it calls for a strike fund and longer term actions. It's not a bad idea, but this isnt a general strike, and it may create the illusion that strikes are ineffective, because again: This isn't one.

    I'm not going to discourage a walkout/one day stay-away. But we need to start building infrastructure for the real thing.

  5. That's just grade-A 'benign trolling' right there; dude is BB's resident master at it.

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