The CPAC replacement speaker for Milo Yiannopoulos was a notorious Japanese cult-member

After his awkward endorsement of pedophilia disqualified Milo Yiannopoulos to be the hard right's token gay pal, CPAC needed a new speaker to fill his slot their conference, and the guy they chose was Jikido 'Jay' Aeba, a member of the notorious Japanese "Happy Science" cult, who helped the religion extrude a tendril into the political realm by founding the Happiness Realization Party.

This was a repeat visit for Aeba, who was also given a spot on the CPAC 2016 bill, where his connection to the Happy Science cult was sidelined -- he was billed as the founder of the Japanese Conservative Union, which appears to be a one-man show run by Aeba who runs around energetically wearing a lot of hats and conspiculously not mentioning his solemn belief that an obscure religious leader is the living, embodied reincarnation of the creator of the universe, returned to us after stints in the lost kingdoms of Mu and Atlantis, to conduct and publish expensive volumes of posthumous interviews with MLK Jr, Walt Disney and Adolf Hitler.


You may have noticed mention above of a book entitled “Nostradamus: Fearful Prophecies,” which is strongly representative of Okawa’s prodigious output. Of the astonishing 714 titles currently credit to him on the Happy Science online bookstore, a large proportion consist of alleged posthumous interviews with the souls of deceased figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Adolf Hitler, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Zhou Enlai, Isaac Newton, Georg Hegel, Oda Nobunaga, Sakamoto Ryoma, and many dozens if not hundreds more1. He also publishes what he claims are interviews with the “guardian spirits” of living celebrities, such as this book in which he discusses the secret of beauty with the guardian spirits of Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley, or this interview in which the guardian spirits of the famous AKB48 girl-pop group explain the secrets of marketing.

Politician From Japanese Cult “Happy Science” at CPAC [Roy Berman/Mutant Frog]

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  1. TobinL says:

    wow from a man baby with attention issues to a person completely out of touch with reality. they are moving up in the world for sure.

  2. CPAC has been allowing reality-challenged loony toons to speak on their stage for years now. Why should 2017 be any different?

  3. To be fair, neither of these people were invited to address CPAC as being representative of the organizer's or audience's belief system. They were supposed to be represent alternative branches of conservative thought. 'cuz nothing says tolerance and free expression like inviting folks who are whack-jobs, just as long as they agree that liberals are evil.

  4. I was in Japan 4-5 years ago when Happy Science first made their dive into politics. They spent billions of yen on political advertisements, and with all the money they spent they were able to get a candidate on the ballot on every single district in the entire country. The face of their political party (and their hopeful for the Prime Ministership) was none other than the leader's own wife.

    And when the election results came in.... they didn't win a single seat. Oh well, better luck next time.

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