The Body Orifice Security Scanner is why the rectally smuggled phone is called "Beat the BOSS"

When I saw that the cell phone designed for rectal smuggling was called "Beat the Boss," I assumed "The Boss" was a synonym for "The Man," but it turns out it's a reference to a specific product: Xeku's Body Orifice Security Scanner (BOSS), a "hygienic cavity search" chair that scans prisoners for rectal contraband.

Indeed, the chair is referenced in one of the product's FAQs: "I do know that it is not detected by the "Boss" chair, designed to find metal contraband in UK prisons."

The chair retails for $11,500. The phones are £27 ($33.50).

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  1. Interesting to see how threads begat threads here. Sean Spicer inspecting staffers phones => Phone designed to be rectally smuggled => Chair designed find stuff being smuggled rectally.

  2. Sagoli says:

    No, it scans for magnetic feedback in order to detect metals. No disrobing or probing needed.

  3. atl says:

    There's a lousy job: product testing at the Beat the Boss Phone Factory.

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