The Amazon reviews for a phone designed for rectal smuggling are pretty interesting reading

The "Beat the Boss phone" is an £27 micro-telephone built into a Bluetooth headset with only trace amounts of metal in its construction; it is lozenge-shaped and is designed to be rectally smuggled into prisons, jails and courtrooms.

The reviews are pretty excellent, as you might imagine: "The person this was bought for is very happy with it, as to whether it will beat the boss, time will tell"; "Trust me the smaller the better", etc.

Note that a common thread in the reviews is problems with the SIM card; apparently it must go in "upside-down" to work.

(Thanks, Mr Raccoon)

Notable Replies

  1. I bet the audio quality is shit.

  2. And the reception is probably pretty crappy too. But I'd worry most about butt dialing.

  3. I think we've found the new preferred phone model for Spicey's staff members!

  4. Huh, the "BOSS" that it's designed to beat is apparently the Body Orifice Scanner chair, not just The Man as I first assumed.

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