Keanu Reeves cast as Shadow the Hedgehog, proving that he is the ultimate lifeform

A gun-toting, gravelly-voiced elite killer clad in all black and played by Keanu Reeves. Sound familiar? It shouldn't – it's not John Wick 5 (yet). Instead, veteran actor and human golden retriever Keanu Reeves has signed on to the cast of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, providing the voice of every teenage emo kid's favorite antihero Shadow the Hedgehog.

As confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter, Reeves will be starring alongside Jim Carrey, but there's no word on whether Idris Elba will return as Knuckles. Either way, the Sonic movies are getting weirdly star-studded for being, again, Sonic movies.

Notably, Reeves has beaten out the fan pick Hayden Christensen, who is well-versed in playing cheesy edgelords. It's an odd role for Keanu, but as mentioned earlier, not one entirely out of his wheelhouse. Lord have mercy on Sonic if he winds up hurting Shadow's dog.

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