Is the motorist who rear-ended a cop in this viral footage former congressman Madison Cawthorn?

A woman who goes by "Alethea" on X/Twitter just posted that she was driving her car on I75 S toward Miami and was tailgated by a black-tinted sports car. She explains that the sports car passed her and, mere minutes later, the traffic on the highway came to a stop because of an accident. She recounts her experience:

Former Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorne who was tailgating me, just rear ended a FL State Trooper. Im SHOOK. I was driving on i75S towards Miami in the left lane and this black tinted sports car was tailgating me relentlessly. I accelerated ahead and moved to the right lane in front of a tractor trailer to let the car by. 5 mins later the highway comes to a complete stop, I swerve to the side so no one rear ends me and slow to a halt. Suddenly the car door opens and a man in a wheelchair rolls out. At the same moment I have to navigate around his car and I look ahead to see the officer exiting from his rear ended vehicle holding his neck in the left lane as well. I pulled over to the right shoulder lane and stopped to ask if everyone was ok and to offer assistance. I couldnt believe my eyes. It occured to me that former CONGRESSMAN CAWTHORNE from NC was the black CAR that stormed by me in an angry road rage tantrum. I spoke to the cop to see if he was ok as he was quite stunned & kept reaching for his neck. He said he was ok, asked if I was a witness, (I wasnt, I must have been 30 seconds behind) and I gave them water as i didnt know what else to do after he thanked me for stopping. As I drove away & replayed the surreal scene in my head I realized it was the same car who was erratically & aggressively driving behind & then around me. Unbelievably scary and upsetting to see 

(Happened at 4:32pm heading South on i75 towards Miami around the Big Cypress Reservation).

She follows up by stating:

When I moved over to let him pass me he floored it so hard & fast his engine revved loudly & I rolled my eyes & thought "what an impatient baby". So to see this outcome was quite SHOCKING

It's hard to say for sure if the man in the wheelchair in her video is actually Madison Cawthorn, but it does look like him. We'll follow up with more news if this is confirmed by other outlets.