TSA confirms miniature magic warhammers not OK on planes

"Can I bring my rechargable power bank the shape of the greatest orc warriors Orgrim's Doomhammer on a plane?" asks Itaku on Twitter.

"We're glad you asked," replies AskTSA, an official account of the Transportation Security Administration. "Replica weapons, even those belonging to Horde Chieftains, must be packed in checked bags."

Notable Replies

  1. That was a better response than I was expecting from the normally pathologically humourless TSA.

  2. Pre-911, Canada wouldn't let me take my cigar cutter on my keychain l that LOOKED like a bullet BACK to America.

    My pocket knife was ok to take on.

    At the risk of awakening them, I held up both of the items and said, "So I can't take this on, even thought it can't hurt anyone."

    "No, it looks like a bullet."

    "But I can take this on, even though I can stab someone."

    "Yes, it is under 4"."

    Got a card board box and check in the cigar punch.

  3. Sense of humor is nice and unexpected, but doesn't excuse the "symbols of things are real things" craziness. How did this ever become a thing? Why is it still a thing?

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