New website CharacTour is an expansive database for fictional characters


We’ve all been there a million times: Flicking through Netflix or Amazon or Hulu with no idea what to commit to watching. Nothing immediately grabs your interest and the plot descriptions aren’t selling any of them. Thankfully a newly-launched site called CharacTour offers a new way to think about movies, TV shows, books, and video games: Through their characters. Read the rest

Sense8 co-creator J. Michael Straczynski on the logistics of filming a global story


Despite getting some mixed reviews on its release, the new Netflix series Sense8 is really fascinating. Read the rest

An ode to the Hubble Space Telescope


In honor of the Hubble Space Telescope's 25th anniversary, NPR celebrates the iconic space craft with a little help from Iggy Azalea's “Trouble.” Read the rest

62 years of Congressional cooperation in a single gif


NPR’s Science Tumblr Skunk Bear created this cool data visualization based on a study of the rise of partisanship in the U.S. House of Representatives: Read the rest

Powerful TED Talk on headscarves and unconscious bias


Engineer Yassmin Abdel-Magied gave an awesome TED Talk about the danger of unconscious bias. Read the rest

Vlogbrothers launch their own podcast


Having already mastered the world of YouTube, Hank and John Green (aka the Vlogbrothers) are now moving into the realm of podcasting as well. Read the rest

Tackling the question “Can you change your race?”


Vlogger Franchesca Ramsey weighs in on Rachel Dolezal in a new video for MTV News’ Decoded. Read the rest

Delightful short film explores the downside of owning a pet dinosaur


The aptly-named YouTube channel We Have A Dinosaur has a simple mission: Release "short films about the joys and perils of dinosaur ownership." Read the rest

Real-life zookeepers love recreating Jurassic World’s raptor squad


As highlighted in pretty much every trailer for the film, a big part of Jurassic World involves Chris Pratt training a "raptor squad." Now real-life zookeepers and trainers across the country are recreating that scene with their own animals Read the rest

Adding “-ing” to movie titles makes them way better


Illustrator James Chapman decided to add “-ing” to movie titles and then draw an image to represent these new and improved films. Read the rest

Out-of-context Ramsay Bolton turns this monster into a sweetheart


Game Of Thrones is full of horrendous characters, but sadistic rapist and torturer Ramsay Bolton may be the worst of them all. Read the rest

Ian McKellen delivers impromptu Shakespeare soliloquy at award show


Many actors have delivered memorable moments in acceptance speeches, but few of them involved performing Shakespearean soliloquies. Read the rest

Here are a bunch of guys dressed as Spartans riding the London Tube


These bold men were cosplaying as Spartan soldiers from the movie from 300, so naturally they decided to ride the London Tube. Read the rest

Cool gifs reveal the orbital period of each planet


NPR’s Science Tumblr “Skunk Bear” shared these awesome gifs that demonstrate how long it takes each planet in our solar system to travel around the sun.

Read the rest

Blackhawks fans riot and for some reason it's not sensationalized by the media

Read the rest

Let Plankton from Spongebob teach you the importance of plankton


For World Oceans Day, BBC Earth teamed up with SpongeBob SquarePants and Sheldon J. Plankton to teach kids (and adults) about the importance of plankton. Read the rest

Here are two kittens reenacting the shower scene from Psycho


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the shower Read the rest

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