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Heather Johanssen

This little piggy was comforted by singing

Bently is a rescued baby pot-bellied pig who lived at the EARTH Animal Sanctuary. On Feb 23 a seizure left him in a state of shock and he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. The meningitis has left him blind. Loud hospital noises are scary to him, so a worker at the hospital sings to him every day to comfort him.

Without any huffing and puffing he was let into my heart.

Sloth only wants carrots

Food preferences exist in many species.

"Redneck" talks about racism

A "redneck" explains racism and privilege for the benefit of anyone listening. The message is sound, but the delivery ain't quite right, even if the accent is spot-on: it's an actor playing a character.

Vincent Price vs. Boris Karloff: The Raven (1963)

Wizard duels in Harry Potter have nothing on this epic battle between Price and Karloff in the classic Roger Corman film of "The Raven," from 1963. Cinematic quality nevermore.

Jedi Chipmunks

Jedi and Sith chipmunks take the force to a whole new level. [h/t David Mizejewski]

Giraffe licks camera

I like giraffes.


Throwing your girlfriend overboard? You're doing it wrong

Also wrong: vertical video.

Father and daughter do awesome Beatles "Revolution" cover

Parent-child bonding, done so right.

Baby twins perform Irish dance

Who can resist babies that bOING! bOING!?

Magicians prank news reporter (UPDATE: Staged)

Young & Strange, the magic double act of comedy magicians Richard Young and Sam Strange, hijacked a live Sky News broadcast with Ashish Joshi in Westminster.

How to deactivate a cat, Part 2

I can't stop watching this. It has deactivated me. (Previously)

Watermelon carving taken to the next level

Pumpkins blush with shame when they watch this video. [h/t Richard]

Model Nykhor Paul calls out makeup artists for not being prepared to work with her skin tone

South Sudanese model Nykhor Paul is tired of professional makeup artists being unprepared to work with darker skin tones.

Read the rest

Bride and groom's first dance starts marriage off on the wrong foot

Wait for it. (Or just look at the GIF)

Archie vs Sharknado worth a giggle


The kids of Riverdale have to take on a Sharknado: a storm that unites Betty and Veronica like never before and leaves Moose realizing that Reggie isn't that bad of guy.

The comic's special effects are more convincing than the movie's, I'll give it that.

Archie vs. Sharknado [Archie Comics] Shark04

Dog hates ear medicine

Denver feels about ear medicine the way I feel about eye-drops.

Cat takes flip flop for test drive

It handles great. But can I get it in cornflower blue?