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Classmates tearfully reunited in court—as judge and suspect

Miami-Dade Eleventh Judicial Circuit Judge Mindy Glazer pauses to look closely at Arthur Booth, in court on a burglary charge: "Did you go to Nautilus Middle School?"

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Woman posts others' judgments on her appearance with and without make-up

The title is You Look Disgusting, but don't worry, they get to "Slut" and "False Advertising" when the make-up goes on.

Adventures in racism at the supermarket checkout


At the supermarket checkout, three women clustered in front me, surrounded by kids. The women were friends or family members—and they were on a budget. One went to pay for her groceries, using her Pennsylvania Access EBT card. Food stamps. It was declined.

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German Shepherd defends lobster

Sami's owner says she has always had a "strong mothering instinct." So strong, it seems, that it extends to crustaceans.


Traditional marriage already destroyed


Things change quickly, America.

WATCH: Winds of Change (1979)

metamorphosesFor years I thought I had imagined this movie from my childhood. But there it is, on YouTube! This amazing piece of work fostered my love of classical mythology and anime.

Originally called "Metamorphoses" in Japan, "Winds of Change" was released in the United States in 1979. An animated retelling of stories from Roman poet Ovid, it is set to music by Joan Baez and Mick Jagger (with supplemental disco from Pattie Brooks), and narrated by Peter Ustinov.

I need offer no further recommendation.

Scariest snake on the planet

The split-tailed horned viper has the head of a snake but its tail looks like a spider. This adaptation allows it to attract birds to munch on.

Nature sure is beautiful, but also as scary as fuck.

"Pee buddy" helps Indian women stand up for their own hygiene—literally

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.50.08 AM

India's often-unsanitary public toilets are breeding grounds for disease, leading many women pay to access toilets in places like McDonald's and KFC. The new "pee-buddy" is providing local women with urine liberation, reports the BBC.

70s porn faces


Over at Dangerous Minds, Tara McGinley shared photos of 70s "blowjob faces."

Given the era's dietary standards, they could also pass for 70s poo faces. face1sdfsdfsdfsdfsdf blowjog2sdfsdfsdfsdfsdf face5knknknlnlnlnk

Iodine bindis may help healthcare in India


Most people in the United States and the rest of the west have easy access to iodine, an essential chemical for our health. In many parts of rural India, this isn't the case. Thanks to Grey for Good and "The Life Saving Dot"—an iodine patch that women in India can easily add to their daily routine—this is changing. [via]

Buy a basket and keep a girl in school


The Kalebo village in North Eastern Ghana isn't fertile enough for extensive agriculture. Instead, the Kalbeo Women's Trading Group create traditional cloth, pottery and other handicrafts such as this beautifully handwoven Bolga basket.

The Bolga baskets are made using local grasses and help supplement their incomes. This money, along with micro loans from CENSUDI, help send young women to school. Purchasing a Bolga basket can help get a young woman an education and out of a lifetime of poverty.

Check out their Facebook page.

The best knee brace for my damn osteoarthritis


I was 15 when I noticed the popping and cracking coming from my joints. The stiffness, especially in my knees, followed not long after, and it's only gotten worse since. Getting up from a kneeling position was painful and difficult by my late 20s. It was frustrating.

After my first, painful winter in Pennsylvania—where I had to go upstairs backwards, on my ass, because I couldn't lift my right leg—I went to the doctor.


She asked me if I played sports as a kid.


"It's good that you didn't."

When my x-rays came back, though, it was good news: it turned out that none of my joints were bad enough to require any type of special medical treatment. Prednisone gives me bad side effects, so I was instructed to take a maximum of 2400mg of ibuprofen a day (up to 800mg a time) for no more than two weeks, during flare-ups. And get a knee brace.

I love my knee brace.

The frustrating thing about wearing a brace isn't its existence, it's others' reaction to it. Old men at the gym ask “What happened to your knee?”, I respond “I have early onset osteoarthritis”, and they say “You're too young for that.” This pisses me off.

“You have a conversation with my fucking body then,” I said to one guy. "Explain to it that it's too young for EARLY ONSET osteoarthritis.”

I love my knee brace.

I hate the fact that I have to use it, but I love it because I've spent the last five years with osteoarthritis, I'm lucky that it hasn't gotten bad enough to warrant hardcore treatment, and the knee brace makes it OK.

41ZzcpmAnjL Of all the brands I've tried, the DonJoy OA Lite Osteoarthritis Knee Brace is the one that works for me, good for "active daily living" and the gym, thanks to it being both high-quality and lightweight.

It's durable, too: one one you see in the photo above is five years old and often worn daily. It's not cheap.

I've reached a point where I qualify for steroid injections, and am needing the brace less often as a result. But it's still a necessity on leg day.

DonJoy Lite Osteoarthritis Knee-Brace [Amazon]

The evolution of the word 'dude'

"Dude" was the "hipster" of the 1880s.

Lily McDonnell's adorable plush toys


Monsters, ferrets, aliens, foxes and more are all on display at freelance illustrator and designer Lily McDonnell's website,




Check out her etsy shop.

Justin Bieber looking confused

justin-is-confused I can't remember why I found myself on his Twitter page, but having gotten there I realized that his entire image is now built around looking confused about what's going on, here. I have captioned his Twitter page to illustrate this fact. Please submit more images of celebrities trying to do ennui, but succeeding only in looking baffled.

Important sign in the California Department of Porn

IMG_0354 Wouldn't want anything dangerous to happen.

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The Cher Show finale, with Elton John and Bette Midler (1975)

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