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Heather Johanssen

When pit bull owners attack

This video is 100% accurate. My brother has two pit bulls. They're awesome—but he's an ass.

Cab driver records music video with passengers

I hated this song, but it's growing on me now.


Eagle gives soccer a try

Perhaps this massive eagle thought the ball was a strange egg? Regardless, that's some impressive claw control.

Petrified pooch overcomes his fear of crossing lines

Dog logic! Good boy, Artie.

Planthopper nymphs

These amazing guys look like living snowflakes!

Giraffes make Gene Simmons jealous

Observe a 20-inch tongue in action.

Twerking toy dog raises butt and eyebrows

Found at Walmart, according to The Today Show.

Don't punch horses

This horse showed great restraint and, hopefully, taught this child something about not punching horses.

Puppy doesn't understand how water works

May we all contemplate the mysteries of dihydrogen monoxide with such joy.

Raccoons have the most appalling table manners

These guys fucking love milk.

Self-defense umbrella given out to women in India

Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. Married women, living alone, face a greater risk of being attacked when they go to collect remittances from their husbands who work abroad. In an effort to protect these women—and thereby further its business—Vodafone will send "self-defense umbrellas" to recipients of money sent with their M-Pesa mobile money transfer service.

There isn't a hidden sword or taser, unfortunately. Instead it comes with pictorial references of self-defense techniques and how they can be used to fight off an attacker.

Dolphins that fish on land.

Amazing video of dolphins that have learned how to dine in style. This hunting behavior, according to Discovery, hasn't been found in any other pod on Earth.

Boy's head extremely comfortable

This cat really loves his boy—or whatever he's listening to.

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Appalling bear attack on man

I can barely watch, but anyone who has seen "Grizzly Man" will understand that bears are wild animals and should not be trifled with.

This little piggy was comforted by singing

Bently is a rescued baby pot-bellied pig who lived at the EARTH Animal Sanctuary. On Feb 23 a seizure left him in a state of shock and he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. The meningitis has left him blind. Loud hospital noises are scary to him, so a worker at the hospital sings to him every day to comfort him.

Without any huffing and puffing he was let into my heart.

Sloth only wants carrots

Food preferences exist in many species.

"Redneck" talks about racism

A "redneck" explains racism and privilege for the benefit of anyone listening. The message is sound, but the delivery ain't quite right, even if the accent is spot-on: it's an actor playing a character.