Animals attacking drones

They've already made up their minds about annoying buzzing noises we humans are in two minds about. Read the rest

An opera for sleep-deprived parents

For anyone who has raised children: sing along, you know the words. Read the rest

100 movies mashed up into one Uptown Funk video

Don't believe me? Just watch. Read the rest

Screaming Marmot captures all of my emotions

This is my reaction every time I read Boing Boing's Facebook comments. Read the rest

Raccoon sweeps the floor


Looks like Disney wasn't lying when they portrayed forest animals helping clean homes.

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Tongue kissing your Venus flytrap is not a good idea


A peck on the cheek would be a much better idea.

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Kittens stacked in Ikea organizer


Not sure about this new adaptation of J.G. Ballard's High Rise.

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Raccoon doesn't like his friend swimming


Wayland appears to be a bit of a wet blanket when it comes to having fun.

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Adorable puppies playing in a tub filled with empty water bottles


Thursday is for environmentally-conscious puppies only.

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Why deep fry a fish sandwich 7 times? Because it's there


Where are my antacids?

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Laughter is contagious, even on the subway


A simple reminder of how uplifting laughter can be.

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Crow enjoys riding windshield wipers


Hanging on to that wiper must be murder.

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Taylor Swift's Duck Army


What wondrous times we live in.

[Previously] Read the rest

Fearless fun with rock-climbing baby


I recently started rock-climbing and have been wanting to find a trainer. This one will do nicely.

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Duck army in reverse


Alternative title" "Man gently comforts increasingly agitated duck army."


Read the rest

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