NBC News solemnly announces the death of Sen. John McCain

Wait for the dolphins. Read the rest “NBC News solemnly announces the death of Sen. John McCain”

Review: Voltron, Legendary Defender

My people raised me on the greatness of Voltron Lion Force. So when I discovered there was a remake on Netflix, I was excited. Scared. The bland unpleasantness of the Thundercats reboot lingers still with me. Last night I caught the first episodes, and I have to say I πŸ‘ was πŸ‘ pleasantly πŸ‘ surprised. Read the rest “Review: Voltron, Legendary Defender”

You think Captain America being a Nazi is bad? Try Spider-Man as a stripper

Read the rest “You think Captain America being a Nazi is bad? Try Spider-Man as a stripper”

Pop culture characters in couples therapy

Starring pop culture characters that many of us can identify with, this comic hits home. It is a brutal look at how abusive families shape their childrens' future relationships—but also shows the reality of what triggers are, and what effective therapy looks like. Finally, it shows that even when our parents don't get us, things turn out okay if they love us and let us be who we are. Read the rest “Pop culture characters in couples therapy”

Essential coffee GIFs for December

Read the rest “Essential coffee GIFs for December”

Tell your cat you're pregnant

Having a baby requires adjustment for everyone in your home. This includes the cat. Now you can prepare your fur baby for a drooling hairless counterpart that will coo and wail in the dwelling where it was once the center of attention.

Tell Your Cat You're Pregnant: Baby and Toy Sounds for Preparing Your Cat for a Baby is a set of audio tracks of actual unpleasant baby sounds for your cat to experience, with titles such as "Loud Crying" and "Screaming." Also doubles as a contraceptive. Read the rest “Tell your cat you're pregnant”

Carry your drink in this banana flask

The Barbuzzo Banana Flask is perfect for your drinking needs. Just look at it! Read the rest “Carry your drink in this banana flask”

Thanks, Coolidge

Read the rest “Thanks, Coolidge”

This is the best Donald Trump-as-a-penis GIF

Through a forest, no less. Read the rest “This is the best Donald Trump-as-a-penis GIF”

Price cut on 'Silence Of The Lambs' House

On the market for some time, the house of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs has been cut in price by $50,000. More than an hour out of town, the four-bedroom home has another serious flaw: there's only one bathroom.

If the hose doesn't even reach the basement, how do they expect to find a buyer? Read the rest “Price cut on 'Silence Of The Lambs' House”

Cute copy cat

Copy cats aren't always annoying, sometimes they're adorable. Read the rest “Cute copy cat”

Dog gets human for Christmas

This adorable dog, Trouble, got exactly what he wanted for Christmas: his favorite human underneath the tree.

My heart melts each time I watch it. Read the rest “Dog gets human for Christmas”

Did you know cats could play Jenga?

It doesn't have thumbs, and it's better at the game than I am. Read the rest “Did you know cats could play Jenga?”

Curiosity scared the puppy

These are not the groceries you are looking for, pup. Read the rest “Curiosity scared the puppy”

BB8 is Elmo

Search your feelings. You know it to be true. Read the rest “BB8 is Elmo”

Ferrets enjoy dip in a peanut pool.

We should all be this happy on Christmas Day. Read the rest “Ferrets enjoy dip in a peanut pool.”

Hamster gets cozy with a carrot

We all wish we were this cozy. Read the rest “Hamster gets cozy with a carrot”

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