'Mastering the Ride: More Proficient Motorcycling' by David L. Hough

I was excited to read Mastering the Ride, David L. Hough's follow-up to the must-read Proficient Motorcycling. It is chock full of great tips and strategies to keep you upright.

In this book, Hough goes deeper into general road and city riding strategies. He offers a number of gems I've already put into practice. One is to calculate how many seconds away from you any event or object could be. Imagine a several second event horizon around you in each direction and pay attention to changes that could upset you. I've found this to be good practice and a slightly different frame of mind than my usual focus on What is going to try to kill me next?

Tips on riding in groups, bad weather, varying elevations, terrains, hazards and handling different-sized motorcycles (especially stressing the concept of riding the right bike for the ride) are among the many topics covered. As I seek to continue improving as a rider, David Hough's books are proving to be an invaluable resource.

'Mastering the Ride: More Proficient Motorcycling' by David L. Hough Read the rest