Enron was a real, non-metaphorical Big Con

Enron built a fake trading floor in one of its office, filled with high-tech gizmos and ergonomic furniture. When analysts toured the site, Enron employees were directed to fill the trading floor and make convincing noises into their phones, in order to give the illusion of thriving commerce. Ken Lay: King of the boiler-room scams. He needs a "Big Con" nickname — "Yellow Kid Lay" or something.

"They would build out the sixth floor of 1000 Smith in what I called a Hollywood set," Elkin said. "They would build out a set with a big, 36-inch flat panel screens and the teleconference conference rooms."

Elkin said that it was all an act, and that no trades were actually made there. The people on the phones were talking to each other.

"They would ask us to go alternately, in like hour shifts down to the sixth floor," Elkin said. "And sit and pretend that we lived and worked there."



(via MeFi)