Give the gift of space bling-bling.

Cool gift ideas
from the world's largest space-related e-tailer, Below, the
$2.5 million Destiny Module replica currently on display at SPACEHAB headquarters
in Houston, TX

offerings this year include
* International Space
Station Journey:
$20,000,000. The Space Store is proud to offer the trip
of a lifetime — the same trip enjoyed by Dennis Tito, Mark Shuttleworth…and
almost by N'Sync superstar Lance Bass! One individual will fly on a Soyuz
spacecraft with two Russian cosmonauts for a 10-day (approximate) stay on
the International Space Station. Seating is limited.

* International Space
Station Destiny Module Replica
: $2,500,000 This full-scale replica of
the International Space Station U.S. Laboratory Module Destiny is constructed
with amazing attention to detail including an observation window with a flat
panel screen with earth views, an astronaut sleeping cabin with sleeping bag,
a treadmill just like the ones the astronauts use in space and storage facilities.
Sounds recorded on the actual space station add a realistic finishing touch.
You'll think you've actually made a trip to the International Space Station!
Could be a very cool fort in the backyard.
* Apollo A6L Prototype
Spacesuit Micrometeoroid Jacket and Pants
$7500 The A6L was the prototype
spacesuit that preceded the A7L used in the Apollo program. Perfect for that
next trip to the moon, the space suit is a thickly padded micrometeoroid garment
filled with layers of Mylar and other materials designed to prevent a micrometeoroid
from penetrating and puncturing the inner pressure suit.
* Zero Gravity Flight
$5400 Experience weightlessness just like the astronauts. Weightlessness is
achieved by having an aircraft — in this case a Russian Ilyushin-76 — start
from level flight, and pitch up to approximately 45 degrees nose-high and
wings-level. As the plane flies upward, it accelerates itself and everyone
inside. Then, the engines are powered back and the airplane glides over the
top of the arch with just enough power (jet thrust) to overcome air friction
and drag. So how did you think they filmed those scenes in the Apollo 13 movie?
* Museum Quality
International Space Station Model
$1500 When you can't make a trip to
the International Space Station, instead bring the space station to you. This
is a high fidelity, accurate, museum quality replica of the International
Space Station assembled and ready for display. A stand is provided with each
model. Note: This is the "before Congress slashes the NASA budget again" configuration
of ISS.
* Real Space Food
$5.00 Not quite on a government space budget yet? No problem — you can
still eat like the astronauts on a civilian budget! These food items are fully
hydrated and ready to eat. All have passed stringent NASA guidelines and are
made to exact NASA specifications for the shuttle and station crews. The only
difference between ours and the food that goes into space is velcro — NASA
glues strips of velcro to their space food so that it doesn't float away!
Although similar to a military MRE, the real space food is of a much higher
quality, personally supervised, hand made and much lower in sodium and fat."

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