Wacky eBay auction du jour: $16.8K "Carrot with a vagina"

I guess it's sort of like seeing Jesus in a tortilla, or the Virgen de Guadalupe in a tree. Only, it's imaginary food porn. Anyway, there's an eBay auction under way for a "Totally bizarre carrot with a vagina !!!!!!". Current high bid: $16,800.00 and rising. Perhaps there's something about the egregious use!!!! of exclamation!!! points!!!! that just puts bidders in the mood to feign willingness to part with very large sums of cash for stupid, ordinary objects. The seller says:

"This carrot is totally bizarre dug it up last week could not believe my eyes a carrot with a vagina. It is approximately six inches long. I believe to be life size. [T]otally freak out Your friends and neighbors with this carrot. OK this auction has obviously gone completely out of control. Obviously many of the bids are apparently a joke…. Any legitimate bid that goes over $100,000 I will personally deliver the carrot see my other auctions!!!!!"

UPDATE: As if by magic, now this eBay auction for a "Carrot Man Natural Art Object with Penis" magically appears. Why did that one close with a bid of only US $16.50? I do not know. Insert foodporn pun here. (Thanks, Jeremy)

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