Musical Axis of Evil Zen: Pyongyang subway tunes and photos

Ever wonder what kind of music they pipe into the subways in Pyongyang? Wonder no more! There is an unofficial website devoted to the North Korean metro system, complete with photos (like the patriotic underground mural shown at left) and downloadable music files. Don't miss North Korean leader Kim Jong Il's signature tune "No Motherland Without You," (the lyrics to which list his super-human powers), and "Reunification Rainbow," one of the songs performed by musicians with the Pyongyang Circus while visiting Seoul (with rare North Korean guitar solo).

"[The piped-in subway music] consists of North Korean anthems and patriotic songs, although the speaker system is also used for, shall we say, public service announcements, reportedly including messages exhorting people to be on the lookout for traitors and spies."

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