Digital SARS folk art, Exhibit C: Designer virus, designer masks.

Original SARS couture designs from the Philippines:

"Len Nepomuceno-Guiao embellished hers with beads for glam cocktail wear. Eddie Baddeo put Swarovski stones and dangling beads for that Tessa Prieto-Valdes look while Rhett Eala used denim rhinestones for casual chic.

It should be pointed out that these designer creations do not meet World Health Organization standards for filtering out particles the size of 0.3 microns. No one is sure how big the droplet causing SARS is, so better to wear your designer mask over the N95 surgical mask."

From the Philippine Sunday Inquirer, Story One, Story Two, Discuss (thanks, Eric!)

Digital SARS folk art: Exhibit "B"

SARS fetish pinup: the second feature in an open-ended series of reader-contributed online viral folk art.

Link to full-size image (yes, worksafe).
Discuss (Thanks, Matt! Thanks, John!)

Digital SARS folk art: exhibit "A" and BoingBoing call for entries

I'm collecting SARS-related digital folk art to share on BoingBoing.

Both "found art" and farkified photoshop constructions are welcome. Got a contribution? Then e-mail me your urls (no attachments please), or post them in the discuss link at the end of this post.

Here's our first exhibit: Outbreak Girl, whose masked mug graces t-shirts that you can buy online here, Discuss (Thanks, Eric!)