Boy-toy: "Charlie" art-robot at LA's MOCA museum

BoingBoing reader Tim says:

Maurizio Cattelan's latest artwork currently at the LA Museum of Contemporary Art: 'Charlie,' a remote controlled boy on a tricycle that interacts with museum visitors. It was also a hit at this year's Venice Biennale. Maurizio has been doing playful, original work for a while now that often quietly steals the thunder of whatever group show it appears in. A nice overview of his work is here, other works here, still more here. Particularly fun: works where he subjected his art dealer to various humiliations, including being duct-taped to a wall for one exhibit, and being forced to dance around in a phallic bunny suit for another. Other, more melancholy works of his, such as 'Charlie Don't Surf,' a sculpture of a boy in a schooldesk facing the gallery wall, his hands pinned to the desk by two pencils, and 'La Nono Ora,' picturing the pope felled by a meteorite, are as chilling as they are blackly funny, and stick with you for a while.