Fox News posts home phone for CNN's Tucker Carlson on web site

CNN's Tucker Carlson says he was besieged by angry and threatening phone calls last night, when unknown persons at rival network Faux Fox posted his home telephone number on

Carlson, who hosts CNN's "Crossfire," said on Friday that earlier in the week he jokingly announced what he claimed was his telephone number during an episode of his show, which he co-hosts with Democratic strategists Paul Begala and James Carville, along with conservative columnist Robert Novak. In fact, the number Carlson gave out connected callers to a switchboard at Fox News.

According to Carlson, an unknown person or persons at Fox retaliated by posting Carlson's actual home telephone number on the Fox Web site. Carlson said hundreds of angry phone calls were made to his home, including threatening calls. Carlson's wife and four young children were at home at the time the calls were made. Carlson and Carville on Friday excoriated Fox for the reverse prank, which Carville said "scared young children to death," unnecessarily.

Link to Boston Globe story, Link to FOX News story which previously listed Carlson's home number and has since been altered to list CNN's Washington bureau number instead. (note: if you search for the story name in Google, Carlson's home phone still shows up as the story title for this item).