It's a steaming pile of synthetic poo! No, it's art! No, it's both!

Wim Delvoye, the artist Warren Ellis describes as "the Walt Disney of poop," is about to launch a superpowered version 2.0 of "Cloaca," a crap-themed art installation that grossed and wowed patrons of the New Museum in 2002. Snipped from Hint magazine:

[Delvoye's] Frankensteinian contraption — when "fed" food twice a day — mechanically and chemically recreated the human digestive process all the way to the bitter end. Now, the Belgian artist has pumped up the dump with Cloaca Turbo, a supercharged poop-making machine — currently on view at Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci in the northern Italian city of Prato — that produces a constant stream of excrement. "It's an industrial version of what you've seen in New York," Delvoye says, explaining that its New Museum predecessor only performed once daily. "It has a 250 liter capacity, which is a lot, and that ends up in 40 kilograms [about 90 pounds of waste] spread throughout museum hours." It's the latest in a body of work that includes oddities like gas canisters decked in Delft porcelain and stained glass windows paned with erotic x-rays, all aiming to bring together the high and low or, in this case, the technological and biological.

Link to museum home page, Link to story with background on Cloaca 1.0. Also check Delvoye's luscious, large-format X-rated X-rays– cited here on Fleshbot today. Worksafe if you're a radiologist.