Japorn anime cosplay and living-doll erotica, part two: Kigurumi

BoingBoing reader Justin Brown -- who wins an honorary Link-Fu master award -- says:

"After you posted that creepy Sabrina link on BoingBoing, [I discovered that this is] a form of cosplay called Kigurumi. This site has some good definitions, and this site also
has interviews with people who do kigurumi. I am throughly creeped out now, and I blame you. Especially after
seeing this page. But wait, it gets weirder: here, and here. Don't miss this -- middle aged man turns into Real Doll. But wait, thats a copy of this. I'm going to attempt to sleep now, I expect I'll have some really strange dreams."

The Kigurimi enthusiast behind the mask in the snapshot at left (from one of the sites Justin points to), says:

"This is my all time favorite female mask. It is made by Natori of the Photogenic mask site. The cost is around $900.00 and it is in my opinion the most realistic female mask I have seen. Plus I love to be a super cute Japanese girl. The only drawback to this mask is the limited vision and breathing."