Wicked-cool home robot videos from Japan

Robotics Society of America President and Robolympics founder David Calkins tells BoingBoing:

"While in Japan, I saw the coolest thing ever! Fighting robots. But not in the traditional Battlebots sense. Imagine rock-em sock-em robots, only fully articulated and computer controlled. It's called Robo-One and it's amazing. 15" tall androids belt each other boxing style until one falls down. These mini androids are as articulate as the Sony Curio, Honda ASIMO, or Fujitsu HOAP – only guys are making them in their apartments for about $3000, rather than 10 Million. I've uploaded a bunch of videos to give you an idea.
Robolympics is sponsoring a Robo-One match in San Francisco in March – along with Battlebots, sumo bots, and others. Watch these videos!" Link