X-rated miniature railroad models

If I asked you to form a sentence using the words "train" "sex" and "fantasy," this would probably not be the result — but for every oddity there is a fetish, and a website to prove it. This German manufacturer of model railroad components caters to adult hobbyists who like teeny-tiny sex with their teeny-tiny trains. And a visit to this online discussion forum reveals that other companies are creating similar "adult" scenes — some even more explicit:

"At the Neuremburg Toy Fair, Viessmann announced an electronic drive that moves the lady figure on one of the 'Sexy Scenes'. The venerable company Faller took things even further. They announced a kit of a 'night club' that includes five Preiser-style figures of 'hostesses'. On the small picture one of them can be seen receiving a 'guest'."

These guys put the "ho" in "HO Gauge."
Not safe for work or children, although the naughty bits are ZENSUR-ed.
Link (Thanks, Vann!)