Kaneda's motorcycle from anime classic "Akira"

A fully functional recreation of the motorcycle driven by Kaneda, a character in the anime classic Akira (1988, Directed by
Katsuhiro Otomo). This was shown at the Tokyo Motorcycle show on April 2nd. If the posts I'm seeing on blogs like this one are true, this is not the first attempt at creating a "real" version of Kaneda's bike, though it may well be the first to be both operational and a completely faithful replica. Any Boingboing readers with more intel are invited to spill it here.

Link to manufacturer's site, Link to another website (in Japanese) with more details on both the bike and photos of a hot red leather biker jacket — a replica of Kaneda's — which I must own immediately. (at bottom of page). (thanks, Siege)

BoingBoing reader Julian Bond — who runs a website and mailing list devoted to unusual motorbike designs — says, "The machine on this site is not completely faithful to the Akira original, but it's real, runs and you can buy it (in Japan). And they've made multiple copies."

And BoingBoing reader Jim says, "While not quite as radical as the Kaneda bike from AKIRA, Suzuki's G-Strider does bear some configurational resemblance." Link