Subservient Chicken's X-Rated Bits Exposed by Code

Following up on the launch of Burger King's "instameme" promo — background in this earlier BoingBoing post — geek supersleuth NEMESIS reveals the Subservient Chicken's naughty little nuggets:

"By backwards engineering the API within the HTTP headers, you can un-censor the censored ones:

Link 1 (scratch, crotch, balls, nutsack, destroy tokyo, stomp, godzilla, jonny rotten, punk rock, fsu, fuck shit up)

Link 2 (rub, chest, breast, breasts, boobs, jugs, tatas, hooters, jugs, nips, burning man, mardis gras, girls gone wild, playboy, penthouse, barely legal, leg show)

Link 3 (give bird, give the bird, bird, middle finger, flipping, fuck you, fuck off, flip , flip me off, flip them off)

Link 4 (shit, ass , fuck, cock, pussy, motherfucker, cunt, piss , arse, suck, dyke, bitch, clit, cum , dick, dildo, feces, felch, foreskin, whore, jizz, jism, masturbate, jerk, anal, bastard, blowjob, butt, suck, choad, erection, fellatio, incest, semen, tit)

Link 5
(touch yourself, naughty spot , naughtyspot, private, privates, sore,
nuts , testicles, balls, groin, crotch)

Link 6 (show breast, breasts,
tits , titties, slut, whore, tramp , seduce, hooker, prostitute, tatas, jugs, nice rack, your rack, tatas, show yer tits, show yer breasts, show your breasts, show yer

Link 7 (masturbate, masterbate, play with yourself, jerk off , take off mask, take off costume, take off your, streak , flash , strip , naked, nude, take it off , get naked, take it all off, nekkid, get nekkid, whip em out, show your tits, show yer tits, tits , take off your clothes, take off yer clothes, clothes, off like a prom dress, prom dress, do me , blow me, take pants off, take off your pants, mask)

But to paraphrase another fast food empire: Where's the bukkake? Link to copy of file with index of all Subservient Chicken Behavior commands, many of which would merit FCC fines, if they were — I don't know, read aloud on the Howard Stern Show or something. (Thanks also to Josh Santangelo!)