Hot pepper spray reverses "permanent" loss of smell

The cold remedy Zicam (which I swear by) has been under attack for possibly causing permanent anosmia (loss of the sense of smell). But a new product on the market called sinus Buster, made from capsaicin (the ingredient that makes chili peppers hot) might reverse anosmia when you squirt it up your nose.

"When my husband ordered the sinus buster over the internet I was skeptical. But I said okay I’ll give it a try. As soon as we got it I used it that night and the next day I noticed I could smell certain odors. I couldn't believe it. The first thing I smelled was my daughter coming home after a night of partying, and I could smell cigarette smoke all over her. I had to bring her coat out to the garage because the smoke odor was so strong. Then my daughter told me that’s how she always smells after going out, but I never smelled the smoke before. It's absolutely amazing," Anderson added.

I've always had a pretty bad sense of smell. Maybe I should give this stuff a try. Link