Nokia launches phonecam with fashionsoftporn from photog Rankin

Handset maker Nokia promoted the release of a new phonecam/PDA with help from renowned British fashion photographer Rankin, and a bunch of hot nekkid fairy chicks.

[Rankin] was given an advance trial of Nokia's latest and highest-resolution cameraphone, the 7610. With it, he crafted six huge A2 sized photographs and 60 other shots, inspired by the legendary Cottingley fairy photographs. By running the images through software filters, the former co-founder of the legendary Dazed & Confused magazine managed to conjure up incredibly sharp images of beautiful women posed as woodland fairies. All this from a one-megapixel cameraphone with 4 x digital zoom, and a very sharp colour display.

Link to Mike Butcher's article in the Irish Times, and link to photo gallery with Rankin's digitally remixed phonecam images — and some pics of the handset itself.