Death metal band with parrot as lead singer -- Hatebeak

The new album by HATEBEAK -- the world's only deathmetal band with an avian vocalist -- promises music so terrifying it will "make you vacate your bowels." Song titles inlcude Beak of Putrefaction and God of Empty Nest. "Hatebeak pecks your eyes out and assaults your ears in a flurry of pummeling riffs and grey feathers that leaves you lying in a pool of blood begging for more." Buy a clear vinyl 7" for $5 postage paid at this Link.

(Thanks, Mara!)

Update: BoingBoing reader Justin reminds us that Judas Priest and/or Sony Music may not appreciate HATEBEAK's creative reappropriation of this album cover. Loukas points us to the fact that the band's logo was lifted from an album cover that blogger and SENT co-curator Sean Bonner designed for a Connecticut-based band named Hatebreed in which all members are human. And reader Jason gill says, "Don't forget this grindcore band who's lead vocalists are two pitbulls to go with your parrot metal!".

Update 2: BoingBoing reader Will says, "Naming the album 'Beak of Putrefaction' is probably also a nod to the grindcore band Carcass and their first album called 'Reek of Putrefaction."

Keep your beak glued to BoingBoing for an upcoming exclusive MP3 and interview with Waldo, the feathered frontman of HATEBEAK.