I got two turntables and a right to vote

My DJ buddy Michael Donaldson, aka Q-Burns Abstract Message, pauses his world tour for a show in L.A. this Wednesday — and shares word on a project he's organizing with fellow turntablists and fans thereof:

As you know I'm politically concerned… I've been trying to figure out how, in my pseudo-lofty position of DJ dude, I can make some difference. After much thought, I've come up with an idea.

I've collaborated with my friend Laurin Fedora to come up with a t-shirt design — basically the word "VOTE!" in a replicated stencil. I'm having a number of these shirts made in different color combinations and then will wear one at each of my US DJ gigs from August until the election. I will also have photos of myself wearing a shirt on my web site (along with a concept explanation) and in any pictures that are used for magazines/flyers/etc.

The idea is this: I know that the age demographic that I am mainly playing to (people in their 20's) are traditionally the ones that do not vote. This is a shame as the actions of the current administration will resonate strongly in their futures. I don't know if wearing a t-shirt with this design at my gigs will inspire any of these potential voters, but I can hope and have some optimism. Perhaps seeing a DJ in the supposedly apolitical world of dance music caring enough to send a message will inspire a few people…. I wanted to keep the message non-partisan… the simple message of 'VOTE!' also states my feelings accurately: if more of us voted, then maybe we will find more candidates who truly represent us.

I'm wondering if you'd like a piece of the action. Laurin is offering to make more of these shirts. Would you like one (or more than one in different colors)? (…) Laurin has donated his time to help me with this. I'm paying for the materials for the shirts that he's making for me. If you'd like a shirt or shirts, I would need you to pay for the cost of the materials as well. It's not much … just the price of the shirt and an extra buck for the ink and screening. Let me know as soon as possible if you'd be interested in this as Laurin wants to screen a bunch in the next day or two.

If you're interested, e-mail Mr. Q-Burns at this Link. Send name, e-mail address, shirt size, and color preference — someone will respond with cost, payment, and shipping details.