"Happy Talk From Hell" — Salon reviews Outfoxed

Salon has a review of the new documentary about Fox news, called Outfoxed, which went on sale today and is now the 11th best-selling DVD on Amazon.

Take the network's "some people say" mantra (as used in my first paragraph, above). I had watched plenty of Fox News without ever noticing this — it's a way of introducing commentary, and specifically the reflexive right-wing views of the presumptive Fox core audience, into what is supposed to be news coverage, while appearing to not quite endorse it. "Some people say that criticizing the war at a time like this is letting down our men and women in uniform," or "Some people say Richard Clarke is a political operative who's trying to sell books." (Or, yes, "Some people are saying that John Kerry looks French!" — uttered with a peculiar mixture of consternation and delight. Gosh, what a weird idea! But now that you mention it …!)

Also, here's Fox's scary rebuttal to the documentary.