Ticketek's PR blunder

Alan of halfpie.net slammed Ticketek's website ( a New Zealand company) and a Ticketek employee, posing as a semi-literate Ticketek customer, posted a note on Alan's blog, defending Ticketek. Alan exposed "Simone," who then quietly slithered away.

I have to disagree with u all i stumbled onto this website by mistake and i cant belive all the rubbish im reading ticketek is a great web site and service who have continued to give me great service over the years there is always somethinh for people like you to moan about so get a life!!!

– posted by Simone at August 10, 2004 03:28 PM


Well of course you would say that, Simone – seeing as you work at Ticketek.

Everytime a comment is made on this site the IP address of the commenter is logged. Yours is, which by an uncanny co-incidence belongs to auck.ticketek.co.nz. Funnily enough it looks like you came to this site through "accidentally" entering "I hate Ticketek" into Google, the same search that has been used by you and your Australian counterparts to find this page several times in the past month.

Your ignorance in these matters is amusing and sad and unfortunately appears par for the course with your company. Your rather ill-advised comment further reinforces the lack of respect I have Ticketek and further demonstrates why your website – and your business – should be avoided as much as possible.

Have a nice day.

– posted by Alan at August 10, 2004 05:07 PM

Link (Thanks, Brett!)