Oedipus. The Movie. Starring Vegetables.

Jason Wishnow, creator of two infamous Star Wars documentaries — Tatooine or Bust and Star Wars or Bust — has a new short out. An eight-minute rendition of Sophocles' classic tale of Oedipus, performed by fresh produce.

"Sex, violence, and cauliflower abounds!", says Jason, who tells us the film is "Performed by vegetables — In the tradition of BEN-HUR. See a potato as it was meant to be seen, 15 feet tall!"

It's screening at fests all over the place over the next couple of months, including September dates in SF and LA. You can also download production stills and other goodies on the project's website. I haven't seen it, but it sounds great. And low-carb. Billy Dee Williams does voiceover for the "handsomest of all bell peppers." The production notes crack me up.

"We shot the Senate Plaza with a handful of real olives then digitally expanded the scene to a cast of thousands. True to the spirit of 1950s cinema, we racially profiled our extras. Green olives play soldiers, black olives play slaves, and the citizens are Greek olives."

Question 1: If animation with clay figures = claymation, and marionettes on steroids (a la Team America) = supermarionation, then what's this? Vegemation? Question 2: Do male lead broccoli stalks carry SAG cards, or "certified organic" stickers? Question 3: If a scene shot with edible characters needs finesse, do you rotoscope or rotisserie?

Link to Oedipus The Movie. (also spotted on Calacanis' blog earlier this year)