SpaceShipOne's second Xprize flight set for Monday, Oct. 4

The Ansari XPrize foundation just announced that the scheduled time for SpaceShipOne's second launch is now confirmed for on October 4th, 2004, at 7:00am. If this attempt goes as well as yesterday's, Burt Rutan and Paul Allen's team will win the $10 million global competition. Link to announcement.

Image: on-ship footage from yesterday's launch — webcast link. Previous BoingBoing posts: Xeni's NPR report, and snapshots.

Spaceblogger, infojunkie, and BoingBoing reader Brad Neuberg was part of the X-Prize volunteer team. I met him at the launch, and he's been doing a terrific job of blogging live from the event site. Keep your eyes on his blog Monday, I'm sure he'll do more. Link
. And here's another live XPrize blog maintained by an event volunteer: Link to Mike Taht's blog. BoingBoing reader Susan Kitchens also attended, and posted some cool photos and details about the festive "X-stock" scene around the airfield, here: Link