"Rapper's Delight" babelfished into Italian, then back into English

Someone out there on the internets claims to have plugged the old-school hiphop classic "Rappers Delight" by Sugar Hill Gang into the online translation service Babelfish. First, they translated it into Italian, then used the same automated service to zap it back to English.

It can be in a position to flying entire with the night, but can oscillate a party ' to work to the light in advance payment?
It cannot satisfy it with its screw without fine small, but I can break off it outside with my excellent sperm!"
I go I make it, I go I make it, I I go make it, make it, make it.
' they are ' I here I am here, I I am great hank of prohibition, I I am everywhere
The shooting just your hands in on the air and left hardy as in you it is not taken care hardly
We make it, is not arrested, the y' all, a tock of the heartbeat, the y' all, you is not arrested!
Goes the hotel, the motel, whatcha that it goes to make today? (opinion that what)
I am going to obtain a girl of Moscow, andante to obtain the somunchank, eliminate in def a OJ,
Everyone goes, " hotel, motel, inn of festivity"

It reads like spam! Just add a couple of mortgage and v14gra lines. Link (thanks siege)

While we're on the subject, have you noticed how spam these days is the best conceivable source for band names? I mean, while I was publishing this post you're reading now, the following arrives in my in-box:

cannabis camille. chard the itsappian
tribesman blimp marksman torr checkup. drawn we cottrell,
expurgate we harelip Yexpand crayon?

I flack slim pursuant passer drank me albanian louisville dump,
answer is pertain fritz anneal clank chaperon

I mean — Cannabis Camille? No amount of cheap beer and bong hits in college could possibly result in such brilliance. It begs to belong to an unlistenable all-girl stoner band. They'd play, like, String Cheese Incident covers or something. With extra-long guitar space jam interludes, as if the original ones weren't long enough. And Chard The Itsappian sounds like such a great name for a vegan deathmetal outfit. Or the illicit (and biologically impossible) love child of DEL: tha funkee homosapien and Dan the Automator.