The creepy, creepy world of "reborn baby dolls"

Apparently, some people are immune to the "uncanny valley" syndrome.

Laura sez: "My husband Dan pointed this out. A search for 'reborn' in the eBay dolls category yields painstakingly refinished dolls made to look sometimes eerily like real babies. A few descriptions:"


Krystal was given her first bath inside and out to remove all original coloring.. Then I color washed her on the inside with a creamy mixture of acrylic paints to give her skin the right shading. She was then given layers of the right mixtures of oil coloring on her baby skin to make her the beautiful baby you see here.Then she was blushed to perfection. Not a fold nor wrinkle was missed.

Andrea has the 'BABY FAT' pellets as one of her key weighting ingredients. These new silicone based pellets make her even more realistic and add a whole new dimension to the feel of her body. The 'squish' factor is AWESOME!!


UPDATE: Nick Madeira sez: "I thought the 'reborn' dolls were so disturbing, I had to check google, and found [this] link for an umbilical cord clip – they suggest you model an actual cord from clay."