Tinfoil beanie hatted protestors out-Larouche Larouche

Some say the art of theater is dead. Some say the art of protest is dead. But theatrical unprotest art is alive and well. College student and BB reader John Duffell sez:

So yesterday I was out walking to class at the University of Washington when I came across a group of bizzaro Bizarros donning tinfoil hats and making outrageous statements. One was waving a sign that said "Build an escalator to mars"; another sign bore the sentence, "Dick Cheney is a salamander."

My first thought was that they were the often-seen-around-campus avid followers of Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr., perennial presidential candidate, perennial nutcase. "Holy living fuck," I thought, "These people are seriously getting out of control" — and then I realized that they were MAKING FUN of the Larouche people. It was amazing. I was dumbstruck by the genius. The whole thing was practically a religious experience.

When class got out, I returned to the scene, and all that remained were a couple of leftover crazies standing at a Larouche table promising $100 to whomever could construct a cube twice the volume of another cube but with the same surface area. Honest to God, I'm still not sure if those were the false LaRouchites or the real mccoy.

Link to PDF of yesterday's edition of the U. of Washington's paper, and Link to The Daily Washington's home page.

And before you guffaw too loudly at those signs, remember — some folks take the "escalator to Mars" thing very seriously. Link. And at least one lefty website purports to have evidence of a Cheney-reptile connection. Link