Blog Torrent

Dave sez: Downhill Battle has released Blog Torrent to the masses! Blog Torrent is software that makes it much easier to share and download files using the bittorrent protocol on your PHP-enabled web site.

Why does Blog Torrent matter?

Making it easy to blog large video files means that people can share their home movies the same way they share their photos or writings. It lets people create vast networks of truly peer-to-peer video content-- video that was made by individuals and shared with individuals, no bandwidth budget or distribution deal needed. Does this mean that we can do for television what blogs have done for news? Let's find out...

Why use Blog Torrent on your blog or website?

1. It lets you post video or other large files as easily as you post text.

2. Installing Blog Torrent is as easy as uploading a photo to your website or blog.

3. Blog Torrent is the one bittorrent tracker that won't confuse your users.

4. It publishes an RSS feed of all your torrents.

Link (via Waxy)