Custom-painted Bollywood posters

BoingBoing reader Alex says,

In case you didn'ts know this type of service, a french studio offers a nice service : "Limona Studio offers you the opportunity to commission your own hand-painted movie poster on canvas. From your pictures, the best artists of Bollywood selected by Limona Studio, will create a very unique and colorful painting in Bollywood style." Watcha !

Link, and Link to post on Alex's blog.

Update: Shahrukh sez:

I'm a regular Boing Boing reader from India. Guess that makes me know a little more about Bollywood than the westerners. Love ur coverage on the stuff, but the pic shown in this post isn't exactly Bollywood. "Bollywood" refers to the HINDI film industry rather than the entire Indian film industry.
That's because they're made in Bombay (now Mumbai) hence B-ollywood. Get it? There's also Tollywood. The Bengali film industry which is located in Tollygunge, which is Calcutta (now Kolkata), in India. See they're all still part of the Indian film industry but not "Bollywood. That pic is from the "South Indian" film industry and isn't "Bollywood".

Thanks, Shahrukh!