Monkey pay-per-view porn

Not a new fetish website, and there's no new DVD out called Jenna Loves Rhesus. The title refers to a press release about a scientific study that involved monkeys "paying" with juice for images they found sexually appealing.

In the new work, researchers Robert Deaner, Amit Khera and Michael Platt, all of Duke University Medical Center, tested this hypothesis by measuring how much fruit juice monkeys would accept or forgo to see photographs of familiar monkeys, permitting the researchers to compare monkeys' valuation of different types of social information. Male monkeys "paid" in juice to view female hindquarters or high-ranking monkeys' faces, but required "overpayment" to view low-ranking monkeys' faces.

Link to the news release, and here's their research paper in Current Biology: Link (Thanks, casey). Oh, and -- guess what? Monkey butt.