Super-sexy Windows XP ad resurrected by Nerve

With this rejected Microsoft ad about a *very* intimate user interface, Nerve launches a new weekly feature with filmmaker Jason Wishnow, called — appropriately — "The Weekly Pic by Jason Wishnow."

Jason, who's sleep-depped in Shanghai at 645am right now, tells Boing Boing: "Every week I showcase a movie and run a little filmmaker interview." Sounds a lot like what he did previously with The New Venue, only (a) this time he's just curating on behalf of Nerve, and (b) this time, boobies!

He says, "I'm looking for future content (my nerve email address is on the page) and the type of material I show down the line will depend HEAVILY on what people submit or point me towards. That said, I've already selected the first 2-3 months worth of material and I think it's a broad lineup covering a variety of subjects and styles."

About this week's video:

A few months ago, I was researching an article about short films online and stumbled across the sexiest commercial for Microsoft Windows I'd ever seen. It involved a hot girl in her skivvies, and I could imagine Bill Gates popping a big vein in his forehead the first time he saw it. The clip had been archived by some random webmaster alongside hundreds of other obscure little movies, its pedigree unknown, the director's name conspicuously absent from the webpage. But it was a hit, one of the top downloads on that site. This clip, in particular, came from Switzerland. I tracked down the director, Chris Niemeyer, who lives and works in Zurich. – Jason Wishnow

Link video and to interview with the ad's director. (relatively worksafe unless you, like, work for the pope or something).

You may also recall Jason Wishnow's two infamous Star Wars documentariesTatooine or Bust, and Star Wars or Bust. Previously on Boing Boing: his eight-minute rendition of Sophocles' classic patricidal/MILF tale, performed by fresh produce: Oedipus The Movie.