Movie-ID puzzle: name the films in these disembodied scenes

Boing Boing exists to help you waste otherwise productive time, and in that spirit: filmwise offers a terrible game where you have to guess a movie's title based on just one still in which all of the people have been photoshoppically removed. Someone cut and pasted some of the items from's online feature and dumped them in this .xls file. Enter the answer in a blank text box in this form, and you get a "TRUE" or "FALSE" response. Consensus seems to be that #63 doesn't work because the puzzle's creators entered a typo. In addition to spelling, things like articles ("the xxx" vs. "xxx") and punctuation ("xxx's" vs. "xxxs") matter – and aren't always quite right. But other than that… it's tough, and maddening.

Link to related feature on, Link to Microsoft Excel file download (Thanks, W!) Spoiler alertLink to cheat sheet with all the answers. (thanks, gregg)