Tow Truck Drivers Push Cars into Tow-Away Zone then hold cars for ransom

Tian says: "On March 7th, I took photos of a tow truck driver that damages a vehicle then tries to get away in Phoenix.

Sunday night (March 20th), Phoenix news channel 15 used a bait car and discovered that local tow truck company(s) would actually push cars into tow-away zone first, then held the cars as "hostages" for ransom."

I just watched it. The TV crew set up a white SUV as a bait car, and parked it legally. Time and time again, tow trucks would push the car into a red zone, snap a photo, and tow it away. Of course, when the TV crew showed the owner of the tow truck company how his drivers had pushed the car into the red lane, the owner denied responsibility. "I didn't push it," he said.

Arizona lawmakers have been half-heartedly writing legislation to stop this (isn't it illegal to do this already) but the tow truck has so far been able to convince them not to ruin the good thing they've got going.
Link to RealMedia file. The segment starts about 20:15 into the broadcast.