Excellent animated interpretation of Ramayana

Picture 3-12

turbanhead says: Cartoonist Nina Paley is slowly turning the narrative of Ramayana (a
Hindu Sanskrit epic) into a series of remarkable animations set to a
soundtrack of scratchy old 78s. The result is Sita Sings the Blues, a
"self-animated, unfunded, destined-to- drive-me-to- the-poorhouse

Nina describes the latest chapter, Hanuman Finds Sita: "Gags, gimmicks,
AND narrative – hundreds of pages of text crammed into 3 minutes. Plus
it contains all 4 main characters: Sita, Rama, Hanuman and Ravana, with
extra added bonus demons … People already familiar with the Ramayana
will probably enjoy these musical bits more, but I'm trying to make the
story understandable to anyone."


UPDATE: Anil Kandangath says: The link you posted to is unavailable since the site is down. However,
the torrents for all four parts are available on Sepia Mutiny.