Stop motion film maker: PES

Picture 3-13I love these short animated films by PES. "Kaboom" makes wonderful use of toys to depict an air raid, with popcorn and gift wrapping bows as explosions. The effect is incredible. At least one of the movies ("Roof Sex") is not safe for work (unless you wear headphones). I'm in awe.
Link (Thanks, John!)

Reader comment: Nick Madeira seays: "Glad to see you're giving PES a shout. I was lucky enough to get hold
of one of the 'Diesel Dreams' promo DVDs for which 'Kaboom' was made.

"The 'dream' sequences vary in theme, length and 'wow' factor
considerably, but they all act as an indicator of future/current
directing talent! Check Thomas Hilland's 'There's Smoke In My Head'
(Click the right-hand arrow twice and then the girl in green with the
cabbage)." Link