East Village video store raided in piracy case

Boing Boing reader
VJ says,

Kim's Videos, one of the few remaining landmark music stores of the East Village on St. Mark's Place, just got raided for bootlegs. That they have bootlegs is not news; anyone could see that they've had them for years. But they are also destination shopping for a whole lot of official product, some of which probably would never move at your larger chains, and it caters to true music and media aficionados. In short, Kim's has been one of the best friends the RIAA and MPAA could ask for in terms of their future retail sales viabilities by exposing lesser known acts. But with friends like THESE, why should anyone wish to operate anything beyond the blandest, most entropic of music stores? This is no longer even about copyright; this is an industry seized with the panicked, displaced adrenaline of the doomed.

Link to New York Times story.

Francis Heaney (of BoringBoring fame) says:

But here's the really dumb part: they apparently arrested the *clerks*. Who had nothing to do with any bootlegging, according to a source at Other Music. Crazy.