Old timey banjo instruction books released under a Creative Commons license

I promised myself not to buy a banjo, since I already have five ukuleles in the house, but these books could break my willpower.

Darel Snodgrass says: "Old-time music is a fast-growing segment of the folk music performance hobby (mostly because it's actually pretty easy to play, unlike, say, bluegrass). Old-time banjo enthusiasts often start with two modern seminal teaching works, "The How and the Tao of Old-Time Banjo" and "A Book of Five Strings" (check any book-sales site for rave reviews). These are best-selling, in-demand books, admittedly within the small world of old-time banjo instruction works. The author, Patrick Costello, has just released both books under a Creative Commons license, and made web versions of both available for free on the ezfolk web site."