David Lynch starts a new foundation based on meditation

Director David Lynch is using his own money to launch the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace. He plans to establish transcendental meditation (or "TM") courses and study how yoga affects the "brain and body."

Despite "hating speaking in public," Lynch, 59, says he decided "to stop being quiet" about his passion for the 47-year-old Hindu chanting technique after observing the sad state of education in U.S. schools.

Today's students "are even more stressed out. Their schools are hellholes," he goes on. "They're getting pathetic educations. They're not going forward with full decks of cards."

Students who meditate, he says, "will start shining like a bright, shiny penny, and their anxieties will go away. By diving within, they will attain a field of pure consciousness, pure bliss, creativity, intelligence, dynamic peace. You enliven the field, and every day it gets better. Negativity recedes."