Paint by blog with Coop

Counterculture artist Coop, best known as the godfather of devil-babe stickers and buxom dominatrix tats, liveblogs his way through a new painting. The canvas shown here measures 6' x 6', and is part of a series in progress.

While working, I typically leave my digital camera on a tripod, and snap a photo every so often. This helps me to look at the painting with a fresh eye, and figure out if things are working out the way I'd like. I thought it would be interesting to document the whole process step-by-step.

My working methods are pretty basic. I start with a preliminary pencil drawing, then transfer the drawing to bristol board, and ink the drawing with a Windsor Newton series 7 brush, #02 size. The line art is digitally scanned, then I play around in Photoshop until I find a composition I like. The line art is output at about 5" square, then mounted with spray mount on a small piece of masonite. Using my school-surplus opaque projector, the image is then transferred by hand to the 6' square canvas.

Link (Thanks, Sean!). Please, no whining about this painting being NSFW. If you have prostitute phobia or whatever, just replace BoingBoing in your blogroll with this.