Katrina: update on colleges offering aid, housing, student transfers

Many Boing Boing readers have written in with updates to earlier posts here about universities offering various forms of aid to Katrina victims (shelter, college enrollment for students at schools closed by the disaster, and so on).

Chris Lin says,

As an addendum to the original post, here are a few other compiled lists:

LiveJournal user alchemy_gryph is maintaining a list on the Academics Anonymous community, with comments coming in very quickly.
A-M, N-Z

Also, minervacat is maintaining a list here.

Society for College and University Planning

National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (private

KatrinaHelp wiki direct page:

EN Wikinews

It would help greatly if BB readers could help centralize these lists to a Wiki.

Regarding admissions for displaced students, reader Stephanie says:

You've been listing schools one by one, but there are hundreds of universities who have offered admissions assistance over the last two days. Many private schools are offering free tuition for at least the fall semester. Most public schools would like to at least offer in-state tuition rates but are still waiting on permission from the state to do so. Here's my school's information page — at the bottom there are links to several roundup sites for admissions info.

Domoni says,

I saw your post on BoingBoing about colleges offering to help students displaced by Katrina. To help parents and students I've started a page to bring all the contact information to one place . My wife is at the University of South Florida and we're calling other universities as we can. Right now we're concentrating on Florida, but I hope to have information up for Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, and Arkansas by later tonight. Link

Reader T says:

Cornell isn't the only school offering students a new home. Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH) is doing the same. And I'm not sure about Law Students, but I know that the Med School already has a couple of takers. Link

Another reader says,

Both MIT and Harvard appear to have opened their doors to students affected by Hurricane Katrina – though (at least in MIT's case) applications are due within a few days.

Snip from an Arkansas State University statement (Jonesboro, Arkansas):

[ASU] will allow students who were enrolled in higher education institutions that were affected by Hurricane Katrina to enroll at ASU through September 6. Out-of-state students from those institutions will be granted in-state tuition. Arkansas residents from those institutions will be provided a scholarship for tuition and fees for the fall 2005 semester. Residence Hall housing is available for single students. Please contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-382-3030.

(Thanks, Tayknight)

Bryan says,

Regarding your post on Cornell accepting displaced students, I thought you might like to know that the University of Texas is instituting a similar policy (for more than just it's law school). The policy has different provisions depending on the students residence and prior acceptance status. Complete writeup at the UT website.

Ryan says,

The University of Pennsylvania (as well as other Philly area schools) are offering space to Katrina students. Link

Thomas says,

My alma mater (UNC Law School) has joined the dozens of law schools that have offered to enroll displaced students from law schools in New Orleans. Link

Daphne says,

Although not listed on the AALS website, Boalt Hall at Berkeley is also accepting students from Tulane for the Fall semester: Link

Igor Carron says,

Texas A&M University is offering Katrina refugees dorm, courses, hosting for faculties and university programs. Link

Anonymous says,

The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA is offering itself to displaced Virginia students.

Bethany Smith says,

NC State is offering help for displaced students from Katrina. They are willing to help with not only housing, but also enrollment.

adr says,

Miami University in Ohio is accepting Tulane students.

dmshoemate says,

Our Lady of the Lake University, in San Antonio, TX, is offering to take in some students that have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina. I'm not sure exactly how they're planning on doing this, but there is contact information on this page.

peter says,

The University of Oregon is also offering aid to students displaced by hurricane Katrina. Link

Dylan says,

Public health graduate students at Tulane, unlike law students and others, have a different process for finishing their studies this fall. The Association of the Schools of Public Health will take students' requests and match them with a "host school" from one of the 36 other accredited public health institutions. The ASPH schools got together on Friday and worked out this system, hoping that having students go to a single contact (the ASPH) would be easier than having the victims spending their time calling 5-10 institutions trying to find the right match. Link

JM says,

In addition to the numerous schools listed, this press release details (well, as many details as they have) how the California State University system (over 20 universities) has implemented measures to welcome students from gulf coast schools — not just the students from California. Link

Joe Kavanagh says,

Collumbia College of Chicago is offering full ride scholarships (including room and board and transportation) to at risk or in need students.

Katrina specific pages: General Info, Process for admission.

Mike Kowieski says,

Just wanted to let you know that even the University of Wisconsin is also offering to accommodate students displaced by Hurricane Katrina- with an enrollment deadline of Sept. 23. Here's their website.

Sara Hebert says,

A more local options for displaced students may be Centenary College of Louisiana, located only 6 hours away from New Orleans, in Shreveport. We're a tiny private liberal arts school, but I know that we're working to take on as many students as possible. I'd encourage any displaced students to apply before the deadline on Tuesday. Also, there are two major shelters that folks may be overlooking in operation here, one at the LSUS gynasium and another at the Hirsch Auditorium. Across the river, Bossier City is sheltering folks at the CenturyTel Center and Civic Center. Link

Brandon Morse says,

The University of Maryland has opened its doors, hearts and arms to the affected students and faculty from Tulane and elsewhere. We will help them to the extent possible by minimizing administrative procedures for those who come to College Park to continue their studies and work. Substantial numbers of students have enrolled already and we do expect more. Link

Augustin Luna says,

Georgia Tech in Atlanta is temporarily housing 500 evacuees in the Alexander Memorial Coliseum and accepting students through Sept 8th from universities that have been closed due to the hurricane and associated flood waters including 275 from Tulane. Link


The Katrina Help Wiki is a great resource for disaster info in general, but also contains roundups of universities offering various forms of aid.