Katrina: timelines (or, OMGWTF happened?)

On-air, in print, and online: looking back on exactly what took place, who did or didn't do what, and when. Here are a few timelines.

Reporters Laura Sullivan and Daniel Zwerdling of NPR's All Things Considered did a terrific two-part timeline today. These two radio segments are essential listening.

Katrina Timeline:

(1) Unexecuted Plans

(2) Misdirected Aid

There's a timeline at Wikipedia, which, as usual, appears to be extensive and thorough. Link

Think Progress has a single-web-page timeline, with links to news and blog accounts of events — from "Governor Blanco declares state of emergency" (Friday, Aug. 26) to "Condoleezza goes shoe shopping" (Thursday, Sept. 1) to "Bush blames state and local officials." (Saturday, Sept. 3) Link

And Boing Boing reader Barrie says,

My friend Jason just started a Hurricane Katrina Timeline wiki intended to describe the events that led up to and followed the disaster. It is primarily focused on the federal government's ignorance and mismanagement of the situation in the five years or so prior to the storm. It's pretty rudimentary right now but I think a sharp web audience could spruce it right up, adding more specific links to news stories and references. Link